About Us

The partners in Respect, Inc. have provided a wide variety of consulting and training solutions to companies who are trying to solve their “people puzzles” since 1992. In our work, we make extensive use of the wonderful, high-quality Wiley products that we market through this site. Because we use them in our training and development work, we are uniquely positioned to consult with our clients who seek our advice or want to draw on our experience. You can learn more about our services at www.respectinc.com.

The Wiley Brand DiSC® Classic, also known as the DiSC assessment, DiSC Personal Profile, DiSC personality profile, DiSC personal profile system, or DiSC Classic Profile, is the most-used and fully-validated team assessment. The DiSC Classic is also available online and is known as the DiSC online profile, DiSC assessment online or DiSC profile online.

These products are available for delivery via facilitated workshops, online e-learning and a blended version that combines the interaction of a workshop as well as a self-paced learning approach on-line. We welcome your questions or comments via e-mail at respect@respectinc.com, by phone at 610-368-8881