What is DiSC®?

What is DiSC®?

DiSC® is a Wiley authorized self-assessment tool which helps determine behavioral preferences and how you best interact with others in the workplace. It is non-judgemental and takes about 20 minutes to complete. It can be utilized across all levels of an organization to help improve communication, teamwork, and productivity.

The most common DiSC® Assessments include:What Is DiSC?

-DiSC® Classic Paper

-DiSC® Classic 2.0 Online

-Everything DiSC Workplace®

-Everything DiSC Management®

-Everything DiSC Sales®

-Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

What does DiSC® stand for?

Each letter in DiSC® stands for a general personality style. Personalities are a combination of all four styles:

D: Dominance

I:  Influence

S: Steadiness

C: Conscientiousness

Dominance: A dominant style generally reflects an assertive personality type with performance oriented results. This includes maintaining control and includes attributes such as: decisiveness, being demanding, independence, impatience, directness.

Influence: An influence profile typically reflects an outgoing personality type. There people are generally social, talkative, and they often derive their energy from connecting with others. Attributes that describe this DiSC® personality type may include: friendliness,, openness, liveliness, animatedness.

Steadiness: A steadiness style reflects a calm and reserved personality type. This DiSC® trait is often found among people who prefer a routine, value security, and will work to create harmony among their team members. Attributes include: thoughtfulness, slow decision-making, easygoingness, and being accepting.

Conscientiousness: A conscientiousness style reflects an analytical and perfectionist personality type. This DiSC® style is often found in people who are systematic and attributes include: valuing logic, accuracy, formalness, and reservedness.

Who Uses DiSC®?

DiSC® is most often used by managers, human resource departments, and organizations to help create high-functioning teams based on the DiSC® results. However, it can be utilized on an individual level as well for personal growth..

How Accurate Is DiSC®?

The principles behind DiSC® are science-based and the tests offered by DiSCValueProfiles.com are certified by the authorized DiSC® industry leader, Wiley. It is important to remember that the DiSC® assessments measure behavioral tendencies, and more than one test should be utilized to measure all aspects of a person's personality.

How much does DiSC® Cost?

DiSC® assessments range in price and contacting us direct is the best way to find the most up to date pricing. Click here to contact us or call us at 610-368-8881.

How Can I Learn More About the DiSC® Assessments?

Calling or texting us direct is the easiest way to discover all that DiscValueProfiles.com and the DiSC® assessments have to offer. Our phones are on from 9 am to 8 pm EST and we are here to help!