What are the DiSC® Personality Types? A Deeper Look At 12 Styles

19th May 2019

What are the DiSC® Personality Types?

DiSC Value Profiles offers a wide range of Wiley Authorized DiSC® products that help determine behavioral tendencies and workplace styles.

What are the DiSC® Personality Types?

The secret to what DiSC® is measuring lies within the name in the form of an acronym. While many professionals are familiar with the main four dimensions…

  1. Dominance: An assertive and decisive personality
  2. Influence: An outgoing and social personality
  3. Steadiness: A calm, routine-based, and reserved personality
  4. Conscientiousness: An analytical and systematic personality

...by utilizing the Everything DiSC® assessment, there are actually twelve styles to be measured across. The Everything DiSC® assessment will provide you with a clearer picture of the degree to which you prefer your personal style. Let’s take a look at the 12 styles you will discover through the Everything DiSC® assessment:

Di : An action and opportunity-based style. Often daring.

iD: Results-based style focusing on bold choices and inspiring others

I: Focus on networking, enthusiasm, and being social

iS: A collaborative and accommodating style. Focus on friends and positivity

Si: Prefers relationships, group contribution, and agreeableness.

S: Prefers a stable work environment and is generally calm.

SC: A progress-based style with a focus on a calm work environment

CS: A humble work style with a preference for stability

C: Focus on clear communication, accurate results, and an analytical style

CD: Clear, thought out, and logical style.

DC: An independent style with strong leadership qualities

Interpreting the results from a DiSC® assessment

With close to one million different combinations of DiSC® profiles possible, interpreting the results from your DiSC® assessment may seem overwhelming. However, below is a basic overview of the main four styles and how ranking high in that style can be interpreted.

High Ranking In Dominance:

Those ranking high in the Dominance category are often empowered leaders who may find themselves impatient if they are unable to solve problems by themselves. Confidence and performing well in stressful situations are common of someone ranking high in dominance.

High Ranking In Influence:

A high Influence ranking is associated with being sociable, communicative, and a need for acceptance by others. They are often perceived as friendly and put heavy weight on how they are perceived. Communication is key to a high Influence ranking.

High Ranking In Steadiness

Those ranking high in Steadiness are generally kind, calm, and generally less extroverted. The prefer support and are slow to adjust to change. A quiet and stable work environment with a support team are ideal.

High Ranking In Conscientiousness

A high-ranking Conscientiousness style is associated with being self-reliant and ambitious. They may have trouble relating to others and will often make friends based on hobbies instead of emotional connection. Though ambitious, an individual who ranks high in conscientiousness may often avoid risks.

Your Dot and Shading On The Everything DiSC®

What are the DiSC® Personality Types?

Your results will come in the form of the DiSC® graph with a dot representing where you fall into the main four styles. The distance your circle is from center represents how inclined you may be to outwardly exhibit the characteristics of that particular DiSC® style. The Everything DiSC® assessment will also include a shaded area which reflects the priorities of that individual. Individuals may have between three and five priorities.

Is Your Organization Ready To Take The Everything DiSC® Assessment?

Here at DiSC Value Profiles, we are proud to be an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner of the Everything DiSC® Assessment which will reveal the dimensions mentioned above. We would love to speak with you regarding your DiSC® needs. Simply call or contact us today to get started!