​The DiSC® Classic Paper: Widely Used And Still Available At Disc Value Profiles

23rd Jun 2021

The DiSC® Classic Paper has been in circulation for over thirty years and has been taken by over thirty five million people. While there are digital versions available such as the DiSC Classic Online 2.0, the DiSC® Classic Paper is still highly relevant and we proudly offer it here at Disc Value Profiles.

Let’s take at what the DiSC® Classic Paper is, what it covers, and how you can order it today.

Understanding The DiSC® Classic Paper

The DiSC® Classic Paper is a behavioral and personality assessment tool that is used to help assess an individual's strengths and weaknesses and how they apply to the workplace. Based on the DISC model which was originally conceived by William Marston and further developed by Walter Clark, the acronym stands for:

D: Dominance

I: Influence

S: Steadiness

C: Conscientiousness

Each of these traits is measured through the DiSC® Classic Paper assessment and test takers will end up with actionable behavioral takeaways based on their results. To read more about the DiSC® model, click here to read our post on “ What does DiSC® Stand For?”

What Is The Format And Who Uses The DiSC® Classic Paper?

The DiSC® Classic Paper is a 28 question assessment used by individuals, companies, human resource managers, and anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of a person’s behavioral tendencies and how they may apply in the workplace.

It is a self-scoring assessment and has been used in more than 80 countries to help build stronger teams and help individuals strengthen their behavioral awareness.

Where Can I Buy The DiSC® Classic Paper?

As digital formats have taken over, we still proudly offer the DiSC® Classic Paper to our clients here at Disc Value Profiles! The easiest way to discuss the DiSC® Classic Paper and order it for you or your clients is to call us directly at 610-368-8881, order through the DiSC® Classic Paper product page, or email us through our contact page found here

Ready To Order the DiSC® Classic Paper?

We are standing by to help you choose the right DiSC®product for you and/or your organization. To order the DiSC® Classic Paper, simply call us at 610-368-8881order online here, or email us!