What does DiSC® Measure?

19th May 2019

The DiSC® is a Wiley authorized self-assessment tool which helps measure workplace behavioral preferences and how you will best interact with others. It is most commonly used by managers, human resources professionals, and on an individual level to gain a better understanding of a person’s tendencies. While it is not a measure of intelligence, it is a great way to gain better insight into your personal workplace style and allows you to make better decisions based on the results.

Breaking Down The DiSC®

What Does The DiSC Measure?

The DiSC® model is an acronym combining four main dimensions:

  1. Dominance: Reflective of an assertive and decisive personality
  2. Influence: Reflective of an outgoing and social personality
  3. Steadiness: Reflective of a calm, routine-based personality
  4. Conscientiousness: Reflective of an analytical and systematic, and often reserved personality

The Everything DiSC® assessment breaks down the measurements even further into twelve categories: D, Di/iD, i, iS/Si, S, SC/CS, C, CD/DC. These help dig deeper into measuring personality and discovering workplace preferences.

The DiSC® assessment is often used as a workplace tool due to its focus on behavioral traits. Your results will help provide you with answers to questions such as:

  • What type of work environment you prefer
  • What pace you prefer to work at
  • How you handle workplace challenges, issues, and decisions
  • Whether you prefer strict workplace settings and procedures
  • Your preferred team vs individual project preference

DiSC® Assessments: What does the assessment look like?

The DiSC® assessment generally takes about 20 minutes and is a series of questions that are marked from Strongly Disagree all the way to Strongly Agree. Your results will place you on the DiSC® graph or wheel as a point which reveals where you exist within the model. More detailed results and how to interpret your placement with the DiSC® will often be included.

The DiSC® assessment can be taken electronically or via the DiSC® Classic Paper. The questions are based on the four main dimensions. The Everything DiSC® suite of assessments additionally includes Adaptive Testing, which ensures an enhanced level of accuracy.

It is important to understand that the DiSC® is a behavioral, not emotional, measurement tool and there are no right or wrong answers to any questions within the assessment. Your results will be as accurate as your answers to the questions so it is important to be completely honest while taking the assessment. While it does not measure emotion, the DiSC® assessment may assist respondents in the areas of empathy and emotional intelligence through self-awareness.

Interpreting Results: Validity and Accuracy of the DiSC®

At its core, human behavior is hard to predict, however the DiSC® model is a globally trusted model and has been used in both private and corporate settings for over 40 years. By using the results provided by a DiSC® assessment, we can aim to place individuals into settings in which they will succeed and feel satisfied.

Who Uses the DiSC?

The DiSC® assessment is used by professionals and individuals across a wide variety of fields. Some of the most common uses of the DiSC® include:

  • Human Resource and business operations
  • Education
  • Leadership development
  • Sales team management
  • Career consulting
  • Conflict management

The DiSC® profiles can also be used on an individual discovery level to help determine your preferred workplace style. Regardless of who is administering the exam, the results from a DiSC® assessment will help you have a clearer picture of your personal style.

Is Your Organization Ready To Take The DiSC®?

Here at DiSC Value Profiles, we are a proud Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner of multiple DiSC® assessments. If you have any questions about which assessment is right for your company, or on an individual level, please call or contact us directly. We pride ourselves on customer service and would love to to speak with you one on one.