QuikDiSC Card Game

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Quik DiSC - the best and most fun way to use DiSC technology. Quik DiSC is a card game that introduces the DiSC technology. Quik DiSC Quantity Prices: 1-4 Quik DiSC Boxes~$74.95; 5-10 Quik DiSC Boxes~$71.95; 11 or more Quik DiSC Boxes~$68.95

Quik DiSC is the best way to introduce DiSC technology. The DiSC is the industry standard profiling instrument. DiSC has been used by more people than any competing product. And, only DiSC can trace it's history back to the time when William Marston's work was used as the basis for the original DiSC profile. DiSC research with DiSC users has resulted in several upgrades to the DiSC, culminating in the DiSC Classic and DiSC online versions. The DiSC technology embodied in the DiSC Classic and DiSC online versions is widely recognized as extremely efficient and user-friendly. DiSC has truly stood the test of time. Quik DiSC is a card game that trainers can use to introduce DiSC technology to clients. Quik DiSC is designed to be fun as learners experience the DiSC technology in an informal setting. DiSC trainers will love Quik DiSC.