Understanding Your Everything DiSC® Assessment Results

29th May 2019

You may have been asked to take an Everything DiSC® Assessment from an employer or are simply curious on exactly what the assessment is like and what is measures. This post will break down the Everything DiSC®, what it measures, how it measures, and what your results will look like after completing the assessment.

What Is The Everything DiSC®?

At its most basic, the Everything DiSC® is a personality and behavioral assessment intended to help you better understand yourself, how you connect with others, and your preferred workplace style. It is the most widely used assessment and only Wiley Authorized Partners , such as Discvalueprofiles.com, can sell the online and paper assessments.discclassic1.png

The DiSC® profile will measure how you fall into four categories which are within the acronym “DiSC”: Dominance, Influence Steadiness, Conscientiousness. For a full break down of interpreting your results, check out our post found here:  What are the DiSC® Personality Types? A Deeper Look At 12 Styles.

What Does The DiSC® Assessment Look Like?

The assessment will most likely be given online via an access code. You will be asked a series of questions pertaining to your work style and personality preferences with answer ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. The Everything DiSC® usually takes about 20 minutes to complete and your results will be provided immediately after completing the assessment.

Everything DiSC® Results: What You Need to Know

Your Everything DiSC® results will start with a brief explanation about the exam and the four styles being measured. This will be followed by your “dot” on the graph which depicts where your personal style lies. The four styles are broken down into three sub styles which will give you a more accurate depiction of your exact style.

The further away your dot is from the center determines how “naturally inclined” you are to exhibiting your style. For example, a dot lying halfway between the edge of the circle and center shows a moderate inclination towards that style.

Shading and Priorities

Your results will include the same circular graph from before, but with a certain area shaded in. There will be eight words surrounding the graph called “Priorities” and your shaded area will reach out to these words. You are more likely to use your energy in the areas where your shading comes close to these priorities. Depending on your style, your priorities may range from a support role, to a more results oriented approach to work.

Motivations and Stressors

Once your style has been determined, the Everything DiSC® is able to suggest the types of workplace aspects that personally motivate you. Using this list will help you, * excel in your work on your tea The same goes for stressors which are just as important as they can affect workplace satisfaction.

Strategies and Tips For Increasing Workplace Effectiveness

The Everything DiSC® dives deep into your results and gives tips and ideas on how to deal with workplace situations such as when things get tough or tense and when you are trying to connect. By combining all of the information provided from your Everything DiSC® results, you will be able to better assess situations in the workplace and respond appropriately.

Summary And Your Three Key Strategies to Workplace Effectiveness

As you can see, the Everything DiSC® suite of assessments is comprehensive and will provide you with enough information to assess how you should best handle situation in the workplace. Though not everything within the Everything DiSC® suite has been mentioned here, a last area that is worth noting is the final summary and key strategies.

Based on you DiSC® results, the assessment concludes with three key actionable strategies to focus on to maximize your effectiveness at work. For example, a person who measures high in optimism and agreeableness may to be sure to work on follow-through.

Are You Ready To Buy The Everything DiSC®?

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